THAT’S A WRAP! The WILD Retreat is over for another year.

Over two days in May, the 2022 WILD Women embarked on the stunning, but rather chilly, Adelaide Hills to participate in the WILD Leadership Retreat.

We were excited to partner with Leadium and Sharon Longridge to facilitate and deliver the retreat. Leadium: Where busy leaders learn have decades of executive education experience.

The leadership retreat program focused on elevating executive presence through a unique approach that explores the four key quadrants:
1) THINK: Strengthen self-leadership – confidence, composure & steady attention
2) SPEAK: Model superior communications that change hearts and minds
3) LOOK: Sustain positive energy and maintain stamina through self-care
4) ACT: Command the room, energise others and influence stakeholders

Why a retreat? It’s all about community!

It’s well known that social networks are critical for career advancement. This was confirmed in a 2019 Harvard Business School study that found women with the same qualifications and experience as men needed a stronger inner circle to achieve senior executive positions. This network of supporters provided critical information, contacts and strategies to counteract the existing conscious and unconscious gender bias.

That is why the creation of networks and community is one of the most important objectives of the WILD leadership retreat (and the program).

The retreat is designed to allow the WILD Women to cement informal and formal long-term networks and relationships that they can lean on to access opportunities, peer-mentoring and sponsor and promote each other.

Thank you!
Finally, we want to say a big THANK YOU to all our sponsors and supporters, especially the WILD Women team and Brandon BioCatalyst, that made the retreat possible and of course, the participants who brought incredible energy and enthusiasm to the event.

The 2022 WILD Retreat certainly achieved its mission of cementing long-term networks and relationships – we look forward to seeing how WILD Women will lean on each other to access opportunities and promote and sponsor each other.