Creating an Impact

Dr Catherine Osborne
CEO Crux Biolabs
2019 WILD Participant

“The WILD program came along at the perfect time in my career. It was an intensely rewarding experience that gave me extra confidence in skills I’d already been exercising in my role leading a commercial laboratory. The added bonus has been the creation of a close-knit group of women that are wonderful at sharing their expertise and amazing skill sets.”

Grace Lethlean
2019 WILD Participant

“This program is a key step to addressing the lack of women on boards. Each stage of the program is well thought out with practical, tangible outcomes. This program has made me more confident to join a board as well as more aware of the skills that I would bring to a board.”

Professor Darren Kelly
CEO OccuRx
2019 WILD employer and mentor

Since completing the WILD program I have seen Fay’s confidence and strategic leadership qualities grow enormously. Her involvement in the program will make a long lasting and significant impact on both her career and our team.

Dr Krystal Evans
Head of Communications/ Government Affairs, GSK
2019 WILD Participant

“This is an exciting leadership program, and it’s an incredible privilege to have been selected to take part in the WILD Program in its first year.”