Supporting Diversity
in STEM leadership

We aim to create a community empowered and equipped to address gender disparity across the STEM sector.


To empower and equip the STEM sector to overcome gender disparity in leadership by 2040

WILD’s premier STEM leadership programs tackle common barriers to career progression and sector retention faced by women employed in the STEM sector. Our two exciting programs – the WILD Program® and WILD BoardX – provide Australian STEM women leaders with qualifications, skills, opportunities and networks to attain senior leadership and board positions.

Diversity in leadership and on boards ensures depth
and breadth of insight, healthy debate and good decision making.

Leaders with diverse backgrounds, ages, genders, ethnicities and experience levels allow organisations to be more adaptable to the ever-changing environment, ultimately making them more successful. Yet while the benefits of diversity are clear, females are underrepresented in leadership and board positions across Australia

15% of STEM-qualified     positions are held by women

34% women
on boards

The average age
of directors is 62

Barriers to achieving diversity include

Substantial costs of qualifications

Limited opportunity
to attend training


Family commitments


Lack of

“The WILD Program® came along at the perfect time in my career. It was an intensely rewarding experience that gave me extra confidence in skills I’d already been exercising in my role leading a commercial laboratory. The added bonus has been the creation of a close-knit group of women that are wonderful at sharing their expertise and amazing skill sets”


Dr Catherine Osborne CEO, Crux Biolabs

“The WILD program has made a key step to addressing the lack of women on boards. Each stage of the Program is well thought out with practical, tangible outcomes. This Program has made me more confident to join a board as well as more aware of the skills that I would bring to a board”


Grace Lethlean, Chief Product Officer, ANDHealth